Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gratitude List Link Up !

I saw Corinne tagging me for gratitude; and I could not resist, and just posted a few. Now I am inspired to write a post for the 5 days;

Gratitude for the day! 1
I am thankful for my husband David who helps me in the household work, which provides me some time for myself, to practice yoga, meditate and pray.  

I am grateful for the lady attender at my office; she cleans up my table, brings in cool water, takes care of students, while I am in session, and is ever willing to serve.

This summer I enjoyed eating mangos with a lot of gratitude, relished every piece!  I was filled  with gratitude for the person who planted the seed, the one who took care of the tree, and the persons who brought the fruit to the city.

Gratitude for the day! 2
I am grateful for my friend who presented me a pretty pink dress, even got it tailored for me. I am happy and thankful for this beautiful dress and the gift of friendship in my life.

I feel thankful to my daughter who learnt to make the chicken curry from her dad, and tried it, while I went out to pick up the vegetables; she was ready with the dish, offering me a delicious and tasty piece of chicken.

chicken fried by my daughter for the first time !
I am thankful for the lovely smart phone I got from one of my friend, who was so thoughtful enough to send it across to me; as she was getting a new one.

Gratitude for the day! 3
I am happy and grateful to my sister in law who welcomed me to her home, for a day, prepared a lovely meal and entertained me and my daughter; it was such a lovely time for me to sit and do nothing and bring in past memorable moments of life and relive them once again with my nephews, and their children.

I am grateful to my sister; who surprised my daughter by sending some very specially cooked biryani, and brightening up my daughter for the evening dinner.

I am happy for one of my students, who came all the way almost 20 kms only to say thank you to me. I feel honoured with these gestures, as they motivate me to do more good.

fre images from Google ! Thanks to the author of this image!

Gratitude day 4!
I feel thankful to Charles who came to play the keyboard for the mass, during the in the silver wedding celebration of my brother and sister in law. The music was so beautiful, that it added value to the prayer service, making the occasion an experience.

I am thankful for my nephews and niece for having started a small group on whats app on my dad’s name and updating one another about well being of families, praying, uplifting and supporting each other, that makes me thankful for the app, and bond that creates.

I feel gratitude to my head at my workplace who is very magnanimous in giving; for the constant affirmation I get, and for the opportunity she gave to attend a lecture on cross cultural issues in counseling by a very renowned speaker.

Gratitude day 5!
I am grateful to my son who taught me lessons of love; and gifted me with lovable memories, to relive the past with gratitude.
Naughty laugh after a prank- my son Emmanuel !
I am happy and thankful for the lovely weather in Hyderabad, so pleasant, cool; giving me a lot of energy and capacity to work both at home and at my workplace.

I am thankful for my daughter’s classmates who were kind enough to help, when she had a fall, to reach her class room, and carry her books, and  help her get into the school bus.

Free images from Google ! thanks to this author !!
Wishing you happiness ! love and gratitude !

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer 2014! Sightseeing – Hyderabad!

Our first experience of families coming together for a sightseeing tour in Hyderabad. Thanks to the Soldier’s of Christ for having organized this programme, wherein parents and children had a good time for full day visiting Salar Jung Measum, Charminar and Nehru Zoological Park & Necklace Road. 

Posting these pictures with gratitude!

Charminar, Hyderabad

Salarjung Measum

Salarjung Measum

Salarjung Measum

Nehru Zoological Park

Necklace Road

Necklace Road

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” Seneca

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Holidays

This year I felt summer was not very long, even though the temperature was very high in Hyderabad.  My only concern is my daughter who begins her summer holidays, and I wanted to ensure that she is busy and occupied.  Luckily I found the Methodist church organizing Vacation Bible School for 10 days, and I was happy to send her to this school.  This year she was happy to attend as she had company of two of my nieces Rachel & Nissi who attended the same camp.  The theme was very inspiring for children; the caption was “YOU ARE SPECIAL”. 

It was an enriching experience, and I was glad to see the bonding happening within them. The camp had singing, learning of memory verses from the bible, Bible quiz, picnic and group work. All three of them were happy to be involved won prizes for various competitions and enjoyed the outing.  I feel a sense of gratitude towards the Methodist church for providing a meaningful experience to the children.

Then we had an invitation to a wedding at Vizag and we took chance to see Aaraku valley and Vizag city, which was an enjoyable experience. I shared the Aaraku experience in my previous post.

Hand made Tortoise 
Then one fine day, I came across an advertisement on summer camp for children at sacred space, Secunderabad.  It was a half day camp, and there was singing, tai chi, kungfu, stiching, art and craft, cooking and also dancing.  So I sent Dorothy to attend this camp for the next 15 days at sacred space; she enjoyed learning here, basic Of Yoga, Taichi & Kungufu. She even baked bread and brought it home.  The last day was fun, as the children performed what they learnt in the camp; Dorothy too joined and danced with other kids. 

Flower vase made in Paper & coloured 
Then there was a session on Rocks and Planets by and environmental organization, called The Society to Save Rocks that seeks to notify, preserve and spread awareness about granite rock formations in Hyderabad.  It was an enlightening session for me, for I never heard of this in our city.  It is said that Hyderabad is the only city in India where rocks are legally protected. This society also organizes rock walks on third Sunday of every month, organizes awareness events, lectures etc... For more information log on to:  this definitely was a useful, informative and inspiring session.  I do appreciate sacred space for conducting this session for all children and parents.

Learnt at Sacred space - stationary box
The last week of the holidays, I went out for a couple of movies, and took Dorothy to a circus, as it was the first time, along with my friend and her little daughter. I remembered the circus I went with my mother and the fun that I had watching the elephant; horse and lion perform some acts.  Dorothy was disappointed as she did not get to see the lion and tiger.

Painting done in the camp
There was not much of a crowd, and we were not allowed to take pictures. I admired all those people who did a lot of gymnastic with various props, the guys who rode the motor bikes, the elephant played cricket and dogs too performed some very risky acts. 

Deep within my heart I was also feeling sad for the hard work and the risk that was taken to   perform.  Circus is no longer a great show now for today’s children, as there are plenty of other amusements, and it’s sad to see it dying a natural death.

The end of summer vacation, I was glad and looking back this summer 2014 was quite interesting and enjoyable for it brought in some lovely memories of my own childhood, and watching my daughter enjoy….. … made me feel young and relive once again the joys of childhood.  

Monday, June 2, 2014

Aaraku Valley!

Aaruku Valley in Andhra Pradesh
Recently we visited Aaraku valley, a hill station in Visakhapatnam district. A valley in the Eastern Ghats which is extremely beautiful, free of pollution, quietness and excellent place to relax and rejuvenate.

We planned a train journey, as advised by our friends, the plan was to take Godavari express from Secunderabad and reach Vishakhapatnam in the early hours, and continue to take the Aaraku express that leaves in an hour’s time from Visakhapatnam railway station.  The train got delayed and we missed the Aaraku train.
Aaruku Valley in Andhra Pradesh
So we took a bus journey to Aaraku valley that is surrounded by mountains on all sides and the roads are very steep and covered with thick green forests. I was amazed to see how the tourism has developed this place, driving uphill around the mountains was exciting and thrilling. 

The temperature was cool and the journey was pleasant, watching the beautiful mountains and the lovely trees, full of greenery all around, it was a feast to the eyes.  We had very pleasant trip, moving in and around this valley.
Borra Caves

Some of the interesting places here was the million year old Borra Caves, located deep in the earth, which was discovered by the British geologist William king. Tribal measum which show cast the life style of the primitive tribal groups.

Steep Point at Aaruku
The steep point which is in the highest range offering a fantastic view of the entire valley. Lovely parks and gardens and the coffee plantations, wherein you can get a hot cup of delicious organic coffee.

Aaraku valley is 120 kms from Visakhapatnam and is worth visiting with family for a holiday to refresh and be away from our daily routine city life, which is so much busy and full of stress. I loved the experience of being in this place and moving around the valley, I am glad that we made it as a family.

The road to reach the steep point
This was not a planned trip for this year, but it just happened, while we decided to attend a wedding of one of our close friends in Vizag, we took chance to visit this place. I am happy and glad we made it.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”Aristotle

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poona Darshan

I declared to myself that 2014 is a year of travelling for me, connecting with extended family members and friends living out of Hyderabad. Focusing to spend more time helping my daughter with her studies, learning to blog better, reducing my time on the face book and listening to my heart.
Tilak's measum

Poona has always been a favourite place to visit.  As I have some very special memories at this place. I loved visiting Poona, mainly because of relatives who loving, affectionate and caring. My earlier visits as child at Ghorpuri bazaar (where my uncle stayed), Ram wadi, Moses wadi is the entire place where my cousin was married and settled.

me &my daughter maria at the historic site
Relatives of Poona for me have always been popular in our family for their hospitality, welcoming nature and can making anyone feel at home. 

 I have not forgotten my visit to the MG Road, Fashion Street, Empress Garden and the cathedral during my stay.

I have even visited a theatre year ago in one of my holiday trips with my mum, my sisters and brothers. 

I remember relishing the doklas, Poha  and a variety of curries which my aunt made in Maharashtrian style.

Balgangadhar Tilak model at the measum

I was so happy when I got an opportunity to do a short Bible course in Poona for 6 months, and what a treat! I just enjoyed my stay, while every weekend I had my uncle coming and waiting for me to take me home and treat me like a queen.
Aghakhan palace

Now I revisited after many years with my husband and daughter and had a great time.  The first thing we did as a family was to connect with our relatives and it was a joy to meet and interact and spend time, catching up all that has happened in between the last few years that I lost contact. I also felt the absence of my cousin sister who died a year ago, and an aunt who passed away this year.

After which we spent time sightseeing, as my daughter was visiting this place for the first time.

I made sure that we go around, and it was quite an interesting. We took the Poona Darshan, which takes us around the city for one full day, showing all the important, historic and significant places at Poona.  

me, Dorothy & David at Aghakhan palace 
The Poona Darshan begins at 9 a.m in the morning from the bus station (moledina stand) and returns by 5p.m.  He covers 15 – 18 places in the day with a break for lunch in between.

The charges are Rs 300 per head, there is a guide in the bus who speaks Hindi and Marathi and checks on the time, as we move from place to place. 

The places we visited were as follows: Shaniwar wada, Aghakhan palace, Kelkar Measum, Rajiv Gandhi Zoo Park, Japanese garden, tribal measum, Parvathi Mandir, and few more significant places.

We had a great time and it was definitely a refreshing break from the routine: I am glad for this time of togetherness and am happy to have reconnected with pune, a city that I loved and still love for having created memories !!!

Tribal Measum at Pune

historic temple at pune

A Ride at the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

At the Zoo

Beautiful Garden

Salman khan's movie Body Guard was shot here at this garden

Entrance of the Friendship Garden
colourful fishes at this garden ! a joy to the sight
“ Travel brings love and power back into your life “ Rumi

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day 2014 !

I have been thinking of my mom in the last two weeks, and attempting to do a post on mother’s day. I was not able to make it, as we scheduled a family trip to Vizag to attend a wedding and took opportunity to go for sightseeing. So I came back refreshed now to get connected and write a small post for my mom who has been my great support and strength for my life.

Me & My Mom at velankanni shrine, Tamil nadu

What I really love about my mother is that she was ever willing to explore – whether it’s trying a new recipe or watching a new movie, visiting a place, getting to know people.  She was very interested in meeting people, interacting with them, and sharing lighter moments, recalling old times stories, that kept her going and interested in life.

She was an amazing lady who never got tired of working in the kitchen, and loved to cook and serve.  My friends and relatives still talk about her special skill of getting the meals ready in no time, making snacks within few minutes and entertaining guests.

Every time I think of my mother, I am filled with gratitude for all that she was! And all that she did for the family…. Unfortunate that she left us early without wanting to cause any inconvenience to any of her children. She always said that she would like to leave peacefully, and never wanted to be bedridden, and so it was.

The final visit of my mom at my residence, myself pregnant & my daughter is seen here

She was very proud of me, and spoke of me with great pride with whoever came her way. Today she would have loved to hear the kind of work I am involved with, and would have marvelled looking at my daughter grown up …

Mother’s day always brings in beautiful moments of my life with my mother, and at the same time also gives me a lot of pain to believe that she is no more … I miss her the most when I am unwell, as those are the moments I feel her absence, for she was ever ready to serve – bringing hot cup of tea, with bread and ensuring that I have enough rest. 

The last time she visited me was, when I was pregnant with my second child, she came to wish for  my daughter's birthday on 7th September, 2003.  She looked so happy and assured me that all will be well and she will  stay with me in the hospital for my delivery. 

The next time I saw her was in the hospital, wherein I went to wish her for her birthday. The final good bye was on November 1st 2003. Since then everything is still so fresh to the mind, and I am grateful to God for bringing her in my life.

Thanks Amma! Remember you with love!  YOU are best! And there can never be another YOU!

May your soul rest in peace!

Happy mother’s Day to you dear Mothers! And to all my friends who are mothers!


Monday, May 5, 2014

A-Z Reflection Post!

Today I want to acknowledge and specially thank all of you for journeying along with me in the last 26 days! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, affirmation and care.  I am blogging for the second time on A-Z blogging challenge.  

It was definitely empowering experience for me, than last time. Previous year I was so nervous and found difficult to manage and struggled somehow to complete the challenge with great joy. This year, my confidence level has increased. I chose to write short posts and focused more on inspirational quotes for 26 days.

 I collected the quotes in advance alphabetically, and few extra quotes for standby and listened to my heart every day as I kept posting. Where ever I felt to write more and add additional pics or even change the quote, I did and some post I just posted the quote.  The reason for this was to visit as many bloggers as possible within this time frame.

free images from Google.
I did make a few mistakes while posting, I pasted the link at the wrong place and within two or three days I understood the process.  I was happy to be part of this community. I liked the way some of our members encouraged everybody to show compassion to certain blogs which was not visited by any one – I was happy to visit them and learn a bit more about their blog. 

This year I felt the administration was well organized putting people in groups.  It was a good experience, as it brought one small group closer to one another.  Some days I could comment on every blog from my group, and at other times, I managed to make a few comment also from the other groups.

One of the biggest challenge I faced from my end, was the frequent power cuts that disturbed a lot while posting, and adding to that was the computer which was troubling me by automatic shut down, sometimes I would be in the middle of commenting, or posting or linking and when this happens I found very irritating and with patience handled this challenge.

I went out to the internet centre and posted whenever there was a problem at my place.  When I read about the other bloggers challenges on the main comment thread, I felt comforted that I was not alone and there are so many who are trying their best to post as on schedule.

I would also like to appreciate the group members for having linked my post in the appropriate place, during my absence – I could enjoy a break for four days and was still be connected because of this group.
I am also very thankful and grateful for my companions who regularly commented, encouraged, agreed, disagreed, inspired and shared their feelings. 

 It’s your gift to me, and I have become better because of you ! 
Thank you for bringing smile on my face with your comments
Thanks for sharing such wonderful posts; some of them were very stimulating

I loved reading the following blogs for this whole month:

Free images from Google.
  • Shilpa’s blog – like the way you developed your theme and inspired me., this time your focus was great, loved reading a few one was on domestic violence and the other one was Divorce….??  I found difficult to access your blog… this time .. my own computer issues..
  • Meena for her beautiful pics and a variety of posts that always attracted me to read.
  • Sunila’s blog that gave so much information on Yoga and everything related to body, mind, spirit and of course the meaning of OM.
  • Beloo”s blog that had so much of resourceful information of education and the challenges  in our country
  •  Stri’s was very different and I enjoyed the/Fiction – there was suspense, thrill, romance and happy ending – loving reading
  • Jayanth’s blog raised a  lot simple and sensitive issues to think deeply and respond, be it for voting, youth, education, etc…
  • Naba’s was very inspiring and  beautiful your expressions are simply superb, I enjoy visiting random thoughts…
  • loved your page “You are beautiful “  very well conveyed, your thoughts were inspiring…
  • for sharing your views on various aspects of life, stimulating us to think….
  • I loved reading almost all the posts, as it was very well written, some of them I have not forgotten, especially the one who spoke on opening the gift in the presence of a giver, another one on professional work and its charges… there were other issues very relevant to our time, and it triggered a lot of response from within, thank you for sharing & commenting
  •  it was all on teaching, knitting and handling the students, some of them were very good -  and the way you handled your glass shows your maturity and perseverance.

I must thank Corinne and Vidya for facilitating and encouraging, I did not get time to read your posts.. hope to catch up !

Thanks to all of you, some of the names I may have left out, but please know that you have been a great source of inspiration and motivation for me to complete this challenge !

Free images from Google
Congrats to all of you ! who have been part of this challenge !Celebrate yourself !


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