Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Brother Francis !!!

My second brother Francis with his family !!
I am reposting this post for my brother today, who is celebrating his birthday as well as his wedding anniversary.  He will be 65 today, i.e..., 28 May, 2015.  I am happy to write a few words about him as I feel a sense of gratitude towards him for his presence in our family.

Dear Brother Francis!
Today I want to thank and appreciate you for your gift in our family, you have always been responsible and I remember that you had started working at a very young age, to support our family and dad who managed the family all by himself.  I recall how you managed the accounts both at work and at family.  Whatever you earned you gave daddy to maintain the family, you were very simple and even now lead a very simple life; I have seen you being very disciplined and particular in handling money, for you valued both time and money. 

I appreciate your deep faith in God and the love you had, for your only son sunny Emmanuel who was loved and pampered in our house. I found you to be a very loyal son, a concerned brother, a committed husband, affectionate father, a decent father in law and a very loving grandfather.

I can never forget the incident that happened when I was just 3 and half years old.  Mother told me that you used to carry me around at home while she was busy in the kitchen and you used to wash my face, comb my hair and take care of me.  

I remember vividly being in a large family of nine children, how everyone had one particular task to accomplish to help mother.  And I recall yours was to clean the chimneys of the lanterns, as those days we did not have electricity, all the houses had lanterns, for which kerosene was used for burning. 

Being very small, you were carrying me around in the evening hours, around 6.30.p.m.  It was your turn to clean the chimneys of all the lanterns – so you kept kerosene in a small container, on a small table and went to bring the lanterns in order to pour kerosene in the lamp. 

By the time you returned, I had taken that small container of kerosene and emptied it in my mouth– you came back with the lantern, after cleaning the chimneys and was trying to look for kerosene in the container, to your shock, the container was found empty, the reactions were clearly seen on my face, and you became numb and paralyzed, and alerted other members at home, and I was rushed to the emergency ward in the hospital, nearby and was given a total stomach wash. 

Whenever I think of this incident, it sends a chill down the spine, I could have been killed, but I have survived, the Lord helped me survive – and I am grateful for the gift of life. Today I am glad to be alive, and happy to see you with grand children and spending time praying for people as a pray warrior.  May the Good Lord Bless you  and your family and Grant you good health of mind, body & Spirit, let there be love, joy, peace, harmony in you and your family.

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On this beautiful day, I also want to wish you a very happy and fulfilling wedding anniversary - May the Lord Bless you and Anni (sister in law) with good health and grant your hearts desire.  Anni is a committed companion to you; who has stood by you at all times in keeping your family and our family together.  

Today I want to appreciate her to for being loyal, mature, understanding.  I have always enjoyed her cooking, which used to be and is still now very delicious, my family has always appreciated her cooking - my daughter tells me to learn and upgrade my skills from her. My love and hugs to both of you on your  wedding Anniversary

With gratitude!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 21

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN
 The 21 Day Challenge

I am glad to complete this challenge, despite frequent power cuts, scheduled sessions, helping my daughter manage her time; finding something to keep her occupied, also looking taking care of my own health, that needed attention.

I challenged myself to do this exercise of gratitude for 21 days so that gratitude becomes an auto response in me, as I keep journeying in finding myself. My experience for the last 21 days has been very positive and a great motivating factor, especially when at the end of a tiring day completing all my responsibilities, it was very renewing and refreshing to focus on something very positive to think and reflect upon.

I am grateful for Every Day Gyaan for initiating this challenge, and thank Corinne for posting lovely quotes on gratitude every single day for 21 days. 

Every quote was so meaningful and inspiring, I felt motivated to respond to it with a few reflections from myself. This challenge kept my mind deliberately occupied to think and reflect upon the quotes that were posted.

While this month was a difficult one, wherein I had to make too many rounds to the clinic for an ear infections, followed by other issues that I needed to deal with as part of being healthy. This gratitude challenge has helped me to be happy; as everyday I made deliberate choice to look for the good in every experience and every situation right through 21 days and fill myself with gratitude.

Gratitude has kept me healthy, ruling out all infections from my body and also healing my ear infection.  I feel a lot better and stronger than before, and I am so glad to complete this challenge late … better late than never.
There was no internet connection at home; and now its back and I am happy to not only connect but also be inspired by blogger friends.

Be Happy ! Be Grateful !!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 20

I am participating in  EVERYDAY GYAAN the 21 Day Challenge
May 1-21, 2015

I remember attending a retreat as young girl, wherein the preacher was talking about attitude; stating attitude is everything in life.  Even the way we get up from our beds makes a huge difference; and he went on to explain “how do we get up from the bed? “ do say Ooooh God another day???? Or do we say “ wow !! thank God it’s a brand new day” all the girls laughed looking at his expressions. He added a lot more of humour giving examples of people who are grumpy right from the time they are out of bed and everything seems to go wrong for them, they cry about water, electricity, food,  politicians, etc  and  the whole day they are at the  complain counter.

I felt funny when I heard all this ; but later realized what he meant and from then on made a choice to look forward to each new day as a “Brand New Day”  I remember choosing every day a different colour dress  and match them with my earrings and bindi and sometimes even change my hair style to feel the difference. (they were small joys – but lighted up my life..).

These may look superficial, but it did help me to look forward with enthusiasm, and still today it  is the feel good factor to look new and different everyday, coupled with daily walk, and daily prayer and gratitude, it raises my energy levels – keeping me positive and optimistic till the end of the day.

Smile with gratitude with the rising of the sun! and end with setting of sun in gratitude !!

Be Blessed & Be Happy !

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 19

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN
 The 21 Day Challenge

I recall my spiritual experiences in the charismatic renewal that not only made me come alive as Christian, but also made me a vibrant and zealous person. The level of gratitude in me increased by leaps and bounds….  Those days every prayer meeting would begin by praise and worship, and I remember a format was also made as to how to lead praise and worship for the youth meetings. The experience was a life changing one that brought in praise, thanksgiving and reverence to the creator.  This experience of God influenced the way I perceived everything in my life…. Gratitude still continues to empower me.

I was never the same again, as my faith helped me realize that I am loved despite who I am and for the first time in my life. I started reading the bible and found that the scripture was full of affirmations and appreciations. 

Broken as I was with low self concept and zero confidence, full of fear, worry and anxiety about my future, the words from the bible came alive, and I felt that every word was written for me and suddenly I realized that I am more worth than the sparrows; that I am precious and unique in Gods sight, that I am only one in this whole wide world, and there is none like me. I am not repeatable in the history of time, and God has plan and purpose for me.

I was filled with awe and admiration for what I heard, still struggling to believe; as my experiences in life was very contradictory. I am thankful to my friends who helped me believe in myself and gradually helped me gain confidence. Today I bow with gratitude for varied experiences that has led me closer to myself, filling me with gratitude, awe and reverence… 

21 Day Challenge - Day 18

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN 
the 21 Day Challenge

Who does not want to be appreciated?

Appreciation is a great emotional need and also a motivator for every one in this world. When we appreciate those who work for us; we not only make them happy, but also increase their motivation to perform well whatever task we have entrusted to them.

When we appreciate children for their sincerity and initiative, we help them in learning to be honest and they become bold to take risks.

When we appreciate our family members for whatever they do for us; the family is more united filled with lot of positive energy bonding the family well.

When we appreciate our friends for what they are to us; we give them happiness and the friendship deepens. Appreciation has to be genuine and authentic and even thought the persons know about his/her strength – it becomes a magical when they are put into words. Some times the person does not know his/her strength, then we help them in identifying what ‘s in them and appreciate that particular quality.

I always considered myself lucky for all the appreciation I have received from my friends and my colleagues. Appreciation has strengthened some of the qualities and has also enhanced my self esteem. I believe that it is very important to appreciate those who are with us; and those who work for us; and also for those whom we work.

I find this very common in parents and some elders; that they would never want to appreciate their children directly, as they fear that the child may become over confident and proud. So they are always criticizing them and finding faults giving them rules of Don’t  do this … or Don’t do that … and we find children end up doing just the opposite. If we want children to obey, appreciation is very important, and it is very important to tell them that we love them, and they matter to us.

When was the last time you appreciated someone in your  life ?   

Monday, May 18, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 17

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN 
the 21 Day Challenge

Depression as most experts believe is a combination of family history and stressful life events may be the cause for depression. Life events can include a sudden death or suicide in the family, a severe financial loss, accident, disaster, crisis in the relationships like divorce, being cheated by a partner, failing in the examination, unable to live up to the expectations of others or even a diagnosis of a terminal illness.

One may also get depressed even if there is no reason to think of. Some times certain drugs too can cause depression. Depression is a complex illness with many contributing factors. Depending on the type of depression treatment and counselling is available. 

One of the ways to prevent depression is to learn to manage stress in our lives. Stress can be managed by taking up a physical activity, yoga, meditation, practising gratitude, affirming self, focusing on the positive, practising positive thinking, having faith in God, taking a break/ a retreat, listening to music, and taking up activities that produces happiness and joy, laughing out loudly, reading inspiring books, journalling and also listening to motivational speakers, gurus.

Hence it is not easy to feel grateful when a person is depressed as the quote above says, “It is impossible to feel grateful and depressed in the same moment.” Naomi Williams.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

21 Day Challenge - Day 16

I am participating in EVERYDAY GYAAN 
 21 Day Challenge

When I am not in a state of gratitude; then I am in a state of ingratitude that takes away my joy and happiness. Ingratitude also stops me from appreciating each new day as it unfolds and cuts me off from the supply of awesomeness as the above mentioned quote says.

Some times I feel its human nature to be in a state of ingratitude; as gratitude is something that is cultivated over a period of time; and we need to train ourselves to learn to be grateful always.  

Ingratitude decreases our energy, takes away the power from within; leading us to blame everyone and everything around us for our misery. Miserable people can never be happy and their only goal is to multiply the misery by spreading their miserable stories around. 

Thus by not taking responsibility for one self, we can cut ourselves off from the supply of awesomeness, losing out on the joy of being grateful.

“In gratitude is the daughter of pride” Spanish Proverb

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