Saturday, November 22, 2014

World Kindness Day

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This post was inspired by two wonderful women bloggers Corinne Rodgrigues and Vidya Sury, who are extremely inspiring and motivated in blogging. These two bloggers spreading the goodness with their initiatives,thoughts, challenge and leadership. Thank you ladies, for keeping us informed about this day; which led me to do this post.

I heard “Kindness is the rent that you pay for occupying the space on this earth” author unknown. I always believed in kindness, and tried my best to practice kindness in my daily life, be it at home, or workplace or any opportunity that I find, I made sure to do my bit.

I also value all those persons in my life who have very kind to me, in terms of sharing their knowledge, resources, at times even money, time and ensured to make my life a little more happy, comfortable and meaningful…. So I made a decision to give all that I can to bring in a smile, a kind word, a hug and my time, energy and resources to bring laughter and joy around.

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I had an experience last week wherein I went to the petrol pump to fill in petrol in my bike and I paid Rs 500/-  as I had no change of RS 100/-  and I forgot to take the change and in a hurry rode home to continue my daily schedule. 

I wanted to give some change for my daughter; and suddenly I found there was no money… .. I sat down and emptied my bad, looking for Rs 400 the balance that is supposed to be there. After an hour I remembered about the petrol and realized that I have forgotten to take the change… the next day was Sunday.. .. so I waited for Monday and went to the petrol bunk and told the supervisor about my mistake of having forgotten to take the change.  The supervisor asked me to wait for a while, checked with me which row I filled, in order to track the person who was filling, and then helped me to get back the change of Rs 400. 

I was so happy at the kindness shown to me by all the workers there; it only reinforced my belief and desire to be kind in my life.

Be Kind &Be Happy !

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

World Pneumonia Day

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Today November 12, 2014 is World Pneumonia Day ….

Pneumonia remains the world’s leading killer of children under 5 years, while pneumonia affects children in every country around the world. There are 45 million pneumonia cases among children under five years of age in India every year.  Out which 20% of these children die every year. Despite this being the sixth year of the awareness campaign, it is found that only 60% of the public seek medical advice for children.

The symptoms of Pneumonia are breathing difficulty, severe cough and fever; the warning signs include grunting noises, difficulty in speech, bluish color of tongue and nails and extreme cold in the peripheries of the toes and fingers. Over 7 lakh senior citizens also suffer annually and 3.5 lakhs deaths are reported every year.

What makes it a global burden a unique tragedy is the fact that this disease is preventable and curable. There are vaccines available and getting the children vaccinated is the best method of prevention.  The awareness programmes globally stresses the need for government and health care systems to act on behalf of children and ensure that all the children have access to vaccination.

Let us spread awareness by promoting safe drinking water, sanitation and reducing pollution both indoors and outdoors. For more information continue to read the :Join the Global Coalition against Child Pneumonia. 

See more at:
Spread this message to prevent children from dying ….

Be Blessed ! Be Happy!

Friday, November 7, 2014

“MALLI RAADOY….. LIFE! “(Life never comes again)

I am happy to share that Sahayam, psychological counseling centre of Osmania University, where I work as a counselor, had organized to screen a movie called:

“MALLI RAADOY….. LIFE! “  ( Life never comes again)

This movie deals with a very serious issue concerning all of us, according to WHO Southern India has the highest number of suicides in the world, compared to many other countries. Read article Suicide rate highest among youngsters in India: WHO (

Every day we find at least three to 4 suicide news items in the news papers, this has become so common and part of our daily life, and so we find that the general public has stopped reacting to them. The reason behind these suicides mostly appears simple but there are deeper underlying issues that need to be resolved.

We had the privilege of interacting with the Director of this movie Mr Bellamkonda Ragu, and wanted to know how he got this idea to making a film on suicide prevention, he stated   “I started thinking about these kind of suicides, I didn’t understand how can they take their life, do they feel that their life belong to only them? Do they feel that they don’t have any responsibility towards the family, or towards the society? I strongly feel that any reason however strong it may be cannot become the reason to take life.

This thought inspired me to make the movie “MALLI RAADOY.. LIFE”    (life never comes again).
This movie speaks about two persons who are trying to commit suicide and they happen to meet at a point where they try to establish a point that there are many responsibilities on every one which one has to fulfill, if a person takes away his own life then it means that he/she is shying away from the responsibilities.

Abhijeet is upset and depressed with the way his girl friend walks out of him, because he is unable to make a decision, not knowing where to go, just rides out of the city. He meets a farmer (keshava) who has financial problems and on the verge of committing suicide, by consuming pesticide.

Abhijeet tries to stop him by persuading that financial problems may not remain longer, hence to take life for not having money is not correct. But to prove his decision right, farmer tells his story and tries to prove that his act of taking life due to lack of money is justifiable as he tried all the possibilities to earn money and failed.  So he justifies that his action is right..... Abhijeet also tells his story and states that he has lost his love.

Now he feels that there is no point in living when there is no love in one’s life, and his justifies that he must kill himself, as he has lost his girlfriend.

After some time they both realize that there is no point in arguing as they have their own justifications to take their lives, and they come to a conclusion that they both take their respective lives together.

Here enters a third person and persuades them to become suicide bombers to kill a politician, by promising them huge amount of money and recognition. Abhijeet and the farmer realizes that they have become scapegoats, after that they try together to fight and come out of the situation, saving the lives of innocent peoples.

The Premier show was in our campus, the hall was packed and the students enjoyed this movie, which came out with a powerful message we live only once …..  and life never comes back again …. .. movie was inspiring, and the dialogues were good, with a bit of humour, the movie did make a difference !!  

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


All souls day for me is a reminder that none of us are here to stay; and death is inevitable, and nobody on this earth can escape death. Which motivates me to take every opportunity I get to make a difference in the lives of those whom I meet.

Often a smile, kind word, thank you note, a hug and sharing my resources / time can make a huge difference to those come into our lives, and also to the community we belong.

This day is also a day to remember my ancestors who are no longer here today; my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, my sister, my son and a few of my neighbors, friends, and colleagues who were once upon a time on this earth, are no more among us.

I want to be grateful for all that they have done, to make this earth a better place; all the love, peace, joy that they shared; everything that they taught is so much part of my life and my family. I am happy and feel honored and connected that I am not alone, in this journey of life, there have been people who walked ahead of me with faith, hope and courage and have reached a better state of life.

Hence I recommit myself once again to learn to live;
·         One Day at a time
·         To believe in myself
·         To forgive and let go of everything that binds me..
·         To focus on my strengths and be grateful to God
·         To take care of my thoughts, which I believe is very powerful…
·         To love and be loved by those around me...
·         To continue my journey in gratitude …

Be Blessed & Be Happy!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Tribute on the 11 Death Anniversary of My Mother Rosemary!

My Mom Rosemary

“The greatest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude”
Thornton Wilder quotes
1st November, 2003 was the saddest day of my life; and I remember clearly I was carrying my second child (Emmanuel) and was in the 8th month pregnancy. Just two month ago before she died, my mom visited my place, assured me of her presence in the hospital and bid me good bye. 

In the next two months so much happened in her life, that she became very helpless and despite all problems she did fight till the end.  Her last birthday was celebrated on 25 October, 2003 at St Theresa’s hospital and I did not want to miss it.

So I took David my husband with me to visit her at the hospital, and for the last time helped her to wear the blue colour saree which I picked up for her, combed her hair and kissed her. She was so happy and humorous, spoke to every visitor who came to see her. She invited the nurses in the ward, as I sang the happy birthday to her and made her cut the cake. With a smiling face she called those around her proudly introducing me as her daughter and shared the cake.  

Wedding photo of my parents

She was discharged and within few days she went back to the hospital, never to return home. I am lucky to have had her as my mother; she just completed primary level of education, married while she was still in her teens (15 years) had nine children, took a lot of responsibility (while she came from her home, being the only daughter) of being very generous with all that she had in her life, being extremely accommodative to her brother and his family, who comfortably spent all the summer vacations with us. Also to her brother in law and his family (my dad’s elder brother) wherein two of their children spent all their holidays with us.

“People never die as long as someone remembers them” author unknown

My mom with my brother

She cooked very well, and was known for making delicious sambar, chicken, pork, beef and biryani; she was very fond of dressing well, and used to plan well in advance for herself and for us. She loved to read the scripture in the church and with great difficulty would manage to do the Tamil reading for mass. She was always early for mass, would occupy the first bench and enjoyed the Tamil sermons and songs... She knew every child’s requirements and effortlessly made sure that our needs were met.  I recall all those moments when I was sick with headache, fever, toothache, stomach pain and backache … she was ready to serve me with hot coffee, light dinners and a gentle massage.

My mom with my aunt and my elder sister

She loved to socialize and go around sightseeing, cinemas – I remember seeing so many Tamil movies, which used to play in Natraj (patny) and Sangeet theatre, and were only morning shows. I watched her wear designer blouses, and admired the way she would take me to the market to buy matching glass bangles for herself and flowers, and also buy the same for us, during festival time.

Mom with my sister and cousin
She used to visit specific shops for the vegetables, meat and the other requirements needed for the house. I enjoyed accompanying her to the market, and eating whatever I wanted, sometimes fruits, juices, sweets and at other times, also snack the vegetarian hotel… dosa was always my favourite with a special cup of masala tea.

my mom with my brothers and sister

She was with me till I got married in October, 1999; I was the last child to get married and can never forget those parting moments. Within four years by 1st November 2003... She is no more...  but continues to live in my life!!

mom with her sister in law

 “Death is a graduation. When we’re taught all the things we came to teach, learned all the things we came to learn, then we’re allowed to graduate.” Elisabeth Kubler Ross

Friday, October 24, 2014

Birthday Remembrance!

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday! A day that  brings to my memories all the beautiful moments I enjoyed her presence….her visits to my place are still fresh in my mind. The little things that she did with great love is unforgettable…. There was always a special bond between me and my mom. 

My mom & my daughter

She was very simple, approachable and loved to dress up!  She Loved cooking and serving without getting tired; she liked to socialize, and would be ready to meet people.  She was very kind and compassionate, was always generous with whatever she had.

My mom & my daughter

She trusted God till the end of her journey; she also trusted everyone around her blindly… she had a very good sense of humor, ever smiling and cheerful.
Recalling some special moments with gratitude !!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Deepavali!

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 Deepavali, the festival of lights for me is a reminder, that we are called to be lights dispelling darkness. Darkness of fear, failures, insecurities, pride, prejudice, hatred, bitterness, anger ignorance and bondage.

As I watch people around me cleaning their house, and decorating with flowers, and placing the little lamp at their doors to welcome Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth).  I too feel motivated to do some cleaning, so today I cleared some clutter, which has been pending for a long time, I cleaned up a shelf, put things in order, and while doing so; my thoughts led me to think, why not also declutter the mind on this occasion, and allow some freshness to sweep in and get cleansed by releasing all the toxic.

So much has happened in the last few weeks, and it was quite a challenge for me to remain positive and grateful, despite all the issues I succeeded being not only positive and grateful, but also productive in terms of doing everything expected both at the home front and in my office, and the best part is I was also able to blog for a week.

As David lit the candles, for prayer, I let go and released all the negative thoughts and  persons who tried to humiliate and defame our family…. In the quietness of my mind, l let the light come into my heart and mind dispelling all forms of darkness.

The worst experiences are the most important ones, for they make you think, reflect and change and focus on WHAT and WHO matters most in life… I silently pray for those who hurt, betray, cause pain, are unfair and unjust… Glad they have touched my life giving me great lessons in life.. I forgive them for they have helped me learn about Trust and the importance of being shrewd, assertive and cautious…

Today I join all my friends who are celebrating this festival, may the Divine light shine not only in your homes ! But also in Your life and in your family!



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