Monday, July 6, 2015

Gratitude List & Link up

 My Gratitude List for the Link up
  •   Gratitude for the Lady who tailored my daughter’s clothes; with a beautiful design
  • Gratitude for David my husband who helped me clearing all the clutter and dust from the kitchen and helped me sort out unwanted utensils.
  • Gratitude for the lovely Hindi movie, called “Dil Dhadkne Do” (which means Let the Heat Beat)  a comedy film by Zoya Akthar. I watched with my daughter and my  neighbour at a theatre, and had lot of fun.
Thanks to Google for this pic
  • Gratitude for one of David’s friend who sent some curry made of chicken and drumstick.
  • Gratitude for my nephew who stopped by to say Hi and brought whole lot of snacks for us.
  •  Grateful for the fruit vendor for supplying regularly sweet mangoes for us in the last two weeks, we are having a great time relishing the tasty mangoes.
  • Grateful for my husband David, being an ex service man – I was able to visit the army canteen to pick up a some cosmetics for me & my daughter, which we get at a subsidized rates.
  • I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in the 3 day quote challenge…thanks to Shilpa for nominating me…
  • I am also thankful to the bloggers who inspire me on a regular basis.
  • I am grateful for having participated in a community celebration on the International Day against substance abuse and illicit trafficking along with the other Non Governmental organizations.
Sharing information on substance abuse
This programme was to bring in awareness on Drug abuse and its impact on family & community. Also links the victims to the doctor, and all the other service centres to rehabilitate and help sustain them from addictions.
Chief Guest, Dr George Reddy Psychiatrist, Healthy Brain,
Members of the YWCA & Leaders of the community 
  • I am healthy, happy and grateful continuing my routine work with love
  • I am glad to take every opportunity to grow, learn and explore my capacities..
  • I am grateful to Laurel  http://www.alphabetsalad. comfort giving me this opportunity to exercise and share my gratitude on my blog...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Quote Challenge - Day 3 of 3

This post is written for the 3-Day Quote challenge

I was wondering what to post for today; there are so many quotes, which I have used; and also for one A-Z challenge I used so many quotes.  While my mind was busy with these thoughts, I got a lovely message on whatsapp from one of my classmate that said: 

I felt very happy and joyful when I read this statement, not that I did not know or heard about this; but because so often I forget this aspect and don’t give myself enough attention.  Isn’t it Good news for all of us here on this planet.

So often we forget this aspect of our lives and take ourselves for granted; we give priority to others, their needs, their view points; their feedback considering others as very important and under valuing our own needs and sense of worth.

I am glad for this reminder once again to relook at myself with kindness and compassion and take initiative to exercise daily, go for nutritious food only, spend time with family; make time for what gives me joy and constantly be patient and kind to myself.

This quote also fills me with gratitude - encouraging me to observe my total myself every part of my being is working for me.  I take a look at myself in the mirror; look at my eyes and smile… affirm the goodness in me, pat myself for all that I was able to accomplish in the last 3 decades and say “ I am Once in a Life Time “

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Would like to hear your thoughts on this?

I am glad to take part in this 3 Day Quote challenge; and I would like to nominate 3 wonderful and inspiring ladies:

Cynthia Rodrigues  Manchekar-
Sheshachaturvedi –
Kindly take this forward …

 This is what the 3-Day Quote Challenge is all about.

Post one of your favourite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favourite book, author or your own.
Nominate 3 bloggers to challenge them
Thank the blogger, who nominated you.

I thank for nominating me for this challenge…

Quote Challenge - Day 2 of 3

This post is written for the 3-Day Quote challenge

Thanks to Google for these lovely images 

“Change” None of us can escape from change; everything keeps changing around us and also in us and there is nothing so permanent in the universe.  I feared change as for me change meant to move from my comfort zones and adapt myself to new environment, new situations and allow myself to learn things that I have never done before.  Like it or not, whether I make a decision or not I have face change both in myself and also in the world around me.

I remember as a child, I was afraid of growing up; as I was not sure what it entailed. While I admired grownups around me and was fascinated by the way they looked, walked, talked and behave… I feared how I was going to be; and how am I going to receive the change of turning into an adolescent with biological, physiological and psychological changes happening all at the same time….since I had less information about growing up. I struggled as a youngster understanding myself and accepting the growing up process as a part of life.

Then came the career and making choices which subjects to take, where it will lead me; what will I be doing in the future etc, with advices from family, friends, well wishers and finally listening to the  heart, I managed to get into what I loved always; i.e. service… that’s how I began working in the service sector.

Then comes settling down in marriage and again a fear of changing my state of life; whether I will get the right person; whether my marriage will work out; whether I will be able to survive etc….  like it or not the time came and I got married and then started adapting myself gradually to greater changes; being an arranged marriage in a joint family system was not easy to deal with… with the help and support of family and friends I could accept change with great difficulty making a lot of mistakes especially in neglecting myself and striving for a balance…
Once I realized that this is a universal phenomena that everyone goes through these process; I became relaxed and was able to deal with the coming years with greater confidence.  By then I am already a mother of two and still desired to continue in the service sector at my own terms and conditions. I gave my best self for learning and finding my own path challenging me to change in so many ways to get to the kind of work I was dreaming for.

Thanks to Google for these lovely images 

Change did not stop; it took me to high mountains and low valleys of my life providing opportunities to learn, gradually bringing clarity to my purpose of living and existence. 

Do I still have fears of change?
Yes I do have!
Do I have a choice to equip myself to the changes of my life?
Yes I do have choice to age gracefully with gratitude!

I am glad to take part in this 3 Day Quote challenge; and I would like to nominate 3 wonderful and inspiring ladies:

Kindly take this forward …

 This is what the 3-Day Quote Challenge is all about.

Post one of your favourite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favourite book, author or your own.
Nominate 3 bloggers to challenge them
Thank the blogger, who nominated you.
 I thank for nominating me for this challenge…

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quote Challenge - Day 1 of 3

This post is written for the 3-Day Quote challenge

This has been one of my favourite quote since my school days, I remember writing this quote in my note books; at times even in the rough book as I began to write my homework. This quote always inspired me to hope for the better in whatever happened in my life.

I was not very great in my academics, neither did I score high percentage of marks; I just managed to score a little above the pass marks, whenever I felt a bit low, I recalled and remembered this quote to push myself further.  This quote continued to inspire me even in college and later on too… Now when I relook at this quote, I am still experiencing the impact on my life; bringing so many memories of failures and falling.

Failures to me was that I did not have the capacity to reach a certain standard whether it is to do with passing an exam or running a race or even competing with my classmates.  Today I have redefined what failure is to me; it no longer setting high standards to accomplish, neither it comparing myself with another, nor it is competing with my friends.

Failure means learning…. Wherein I have learned something from a particular experience; I have taken initiative in trying and have the courage to accept and take responsibility for thinking, making decisions and overall for whatever I have achieved or not achieved.

Now I refuse to compare myself with others; I look within to see what I have to offer, I work on my strengths. I have learnt to believe in myself and through the learnings I have gained confidence … I have been able to do all this because I have learnt to rise every time I have fallen and am convinced that failure is never final.

There is always hope; hope to get up and rise once more, hope that there is new tomorrow; hope that all will be well; hope that I will succeed as I keep trying; and hope that I will be better prepared for whatever I want to achieve. Hope I will get more opportunities; more resources and abundance of everything to evolve and succeed to who I was always meant to BE.

Today I am in a position to help a lot of students who come to our centre; because of all the times I have fallen, and these experiences have equipped me to deal with every failure every situation without giving up easily. 

Our failures as we call or falling never is wasted; we grow so much because of these experiences and it is these experiences that shapes us and makes us strong in our lives. It provides us with new perspectives, which otherwise we would never know; and make us a bit more humane, genuine, sensitive, kind and compassionate to everyone we meet.

I am glad to take part in this 3 Day Quote challenge; and I am glad to nominate and request the following friends to take this up :

This is what the 3-Day Quote Challenge is all about.
  1.  Post one of your favourite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favourite book, author or your own.
  2. Nominate 3 bloggers to challenge them
  3. Thank the blogger, who nominated you.
I thank Shilpa @ for nominating me for this challenge…


Thursday, June 25, 2015

My gratitude list for June, 2015

This post is written for Gratitude Circle for the month of June 2015

Sunset@horsely hills clicked by Maria Dorothy
June was a great month, as the much awaited holiday happened in the first week; and I was glad to spend time with my daughter. I am grateful for my friend Aparna who took the initiative to plan and help us implement this programme for us.

We had a great time; and it was a good break from our routine; and especially for my daughter who was wanting to go out being summer holidays, this was the best thing happened.

I am glad to connect with two of my old class mates from my college Indira Kante and Subhandra and it was fun to meet them at different times and recall all the lovable memories of our college days; the fun we had and how we helped one another with the assignments and stayed together to motivate and complete the degree course. I felt great to catch up after almost 30 years and so much has happened in our lives… I am still looking forward to meet them as they are in the city.

This month is also my sister law’s birthday, my second brothers wife, sagaymary and I am grateful for the gift of her in our family.  She was married to my brother and lived with us – a joint family, while I was still in college. She was very cheerful, warm, friendly and was very good cook. I have always enjoyed the cutlets she made for us; and was very hospitable. She is a hard working and family oriented person.

Sister in law with my son Emmanuel & daughter Maria Dorothy

Me with my son & sister in law sagaymary

She took care of us and helped my mother in the kitchen. I remember her for all that she was in our family and am grateful for her son sunny Emmanuel who brought so much joy to us.

I am grateful for David my husband for helping me in all the work at home and Dorothy for managing her studies independently without my help; thus giving space for me to do what I want to.

I am also grateful to these  bloggers  &  who have been a great source of inspiration and motivation… can’t thank them enough for the learning’s I have had and I want to thank each one of them for their efforts and brilliant posts to keep me going.

Be Blessed & Be Happy !

Monday, June 22, 2015

Trees at Horsley Hills

clicked by Maria Dorothy
One of the most fascinating aspects of Horsley hills was the trees; I have always loved the trees and would marvel at the way they grow tall, huge and spread itself. Big and huge trees always fill me with happiness, and they remind me of memorable times of my life- my childhood where I always found a tree to sit and had lunch at my school; for picnics I always chose trees that give shade and clean breeze and with friends sit hours to gether even after lunch and keep chatting away without even looking at the watch.

Trees of different sizes, shapes, and height and width with greenery around is any day a refreshing time for me. I fell in love with the trees here; which was so wonderful to see, they were ancient and entwined with other trees, I was amazed at two separate trees branching out as one; some roots have grown so much; they look like swings. I even sat on the branch of the tree that gave me a gentle swing.

clicked by Maria Dorothy
I liked one tree which was at the kids zone; it looked ancient and roots were dark black and was clearly visible at the surface, the roots were thick and were joint to the adjacent tree; both huge trees standing at the same ground but roots and a few branches were joined together, looking like one big tree… on close observation, we can see they are separate trees. I stood there for a while totally in awe and admiration to see how beautifully they were standing tall and strong, in silence, swinging their branches communicating oneness.  I could see people walking around admiring this tree and even sitting there just doing nothing.

I just felt happy looking at this tree; and I insisted my daughter to take a few pictures, being among trees is pleasant experience and I feel very good, a feast for my eyes and a refreshing experience.  
Trees also remind me to be generous, as it share itself the fruits, flowers, leaves with everyone around; even those who have not contributed to its growth; trees also provide space for birds not only to sit on its branches, but also to make their nests telling me that I too need to give space for those who are vulnerable, weak and require support.

Trees stand strong and deeply rooted, despite heavy rains and winds telling me to be courageous in times of adversity and be rooted in faith & hope. After a stay of two days I packed my bag with gratitude for having being here; the silence and the chirping of the birds were musical to me that I carried them in my heart.

“Our greatest experiences are quietest moments” Friedrich Nietzsche

Be Happy! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day!

I am glad to repost this once again today, as I recall my father with gratitude...... there are not many photographs of my dad except a few, I chose this photo for this post as this was taken in his younger days..

My dad in his younger days
My Dad D C Viagula Dass who’s another name could have been faith, hope, love, laughter and generosity. There are so many memorable moments of my life with my dad, and I cherish with great love in my heart.  

 Today I am grateful to my dad for being a strong support to my mom, for being a caring husband and most important to me a loving and affectionate father.  

Today when I recall some events in the family, I feel privileged to be part of his life, for I have watched him closely as to how he lived his life. He enjoyed his work and was very committed to whatever task was entrusted to him. 

He spent all the weekends with us, as a family, Mondays was the weekly off – and that day was always special in our family. He shopped on that day, brought in plenty of seasonal fruits, and was very hospitable towards his colleagues who visited him that day, he enjoyed good food, and I have never heard him complain about food, he ate with gratitude whatever was set before him. 

He taught all the nine children to be grateful every day for whatever we had, he told us to trust in the Lord at all times, and encouraged us to spend time in the church.

He cared for the family, as  small little girl I watched him rise in the early hours and make tea for the family, he would be ready to go to church, and never forgot to visit St Anthony’s chapel on Tuesdays.  He had great respect for Our Lady of Health, Velankanni and loved to make visits to the shrine at Nagapattanam, in Tamilnadu. 

I still cherish a small little brass pot which he purchased for me from the shrine – I loved that brass pot, and used to fill water in the pot, later on my mother used it to keep flowers in that same brass pot, because it had a traditional look.

I have preserved that pot till today, I brought it along with me, when I got married  to my in laws place and whenever I look at that brass pot, I think of my dad, for my name is engraved in Tamil as Janet on that pot.

Today he is no more, but he continues to live in my life! I am glad that he was my father !

Happy Father’s Day to all my friends  and well wishers who are Fathers!

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